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Be careful in political discussions online of running into an extremist.

You may get initially suckered into listening to them for awhile at first because they'll whine about being persecuted but then you'll start to get a gauge on how much hatred of others goes into their ideas.  If they ever stopped to examine themselves they might realize the reason they are 'persecuted' by everybody who is not part of their cause is because when they don't succeed at persuading the listener they resort to a whole bunch of little threats and "death to"s.  It's the overblown sense of entitlement from the speaker that will throw the listener off balance for a bit.
Some garden variety tips on what to look out for during online political discussions. I hope you find this practical if you are a newcomer to the activity.

Another tip: The psychology behind it all: Don't try to explain to them they'd be more persuasive if they kept the meaner nastier more bashing parts of their ideology to themselves and took where other people they were trying to persuade were coming from into account. I've tried that. It sounds good in theory but that's assuming they are willing to be rational about things. Not a good assumption to make. It's not all mememe! enough (about them) and they will rampage you tried to reassert the reality that hello, most people aren't going to immediately jump to your assanine crazy lets go hurt people cause... Extremist: how dare you insist on being rational and asking me to explain what or why it is I dislike who/what it is I say I dislike and you should to! You must be part of that and therefore evil too! commence harassment and verbal abuse.
reivax Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I will.
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May 19, 2012
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