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May 18, 2012
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Every so often I have the misfortune of succumbing to making a comment on Yahoo news. I almost always regret it except in the business section.

So for about two days a skinhead wouldn't shut up how mad he was at me for not being anti-immigrant and just making a joke about entitlement programs in this article on a demographic shift where they said whites are/were having a lower birth rate than other races and ethnic groups this year in the United States of America rather than saying they need to be all deported and/or killed (something he has vehemently and repeatedly advocated as urgent in order to solve racial tension problems :sarcasticclap:). I made the second mistake of being like dude, shut up, it's not a big deal, lots of us work with other people who are different races. But they're taking our jobs, blahblahblah... and I'm like, do you mean illegal immigrants or legal ones? and then he's like and you're part of the problem for being a jewish american and blahblahblah... I hope the US turns fascist so people like you die with your evil liberal cabal ideas that are hurting my white aryan america blahblahblah. Go back to Israel, you zionist lover blahblahblah. And I'm like you stupid dumbass, I'm not fresh off the boat and I'm not a German Jew. You'd be way more accurate to say go back to the Ukraine or Russia. So like then I'm a commie pinko or something? I dunno. I answered his posted replies talking about how I'm the antichrist and jews and blacks, hispanics yadda yadda must be eradicated to stop the economy from sucking less and less but every so often I pointed out that even other axis people thought Hitler was a loser, how he committed suicide, never was a president of the united States (hello) and that you might dislike freedom of speech but it's what allows you to spout hate drivel and an actual fascist country wouldn't let you criticize the gov't for disliking it even if you thought it wasn't hardcore enough.

So then he was like how I'm a traitor to my fatherland and blahblahblah and I'm like okay to America you mean? So like you spouting hate speech about people is more positive than my studying medicine to practice as a doctor in America (o rlly?) and he's like wah, boohoo, you're an evil joooh, and dead Hitler told us you guys are the meanest and stupidest people ever, who waaaah has taken away a job from a well deserving aryan. And some weird crap about wanting to pull the knowledge away that it wasn't fair how I as such a very Jewish American (and I'm not in so much he just needed something to seize upon) should be allowed to go get an education that this was bad. Entitlement blahblahblah (I didn't get paid to go by the government in any way, shape or form but I wasn't going to correct him on that detail, however). When he said I was "ruining america" yet again...
...then I lost it and said, Yeah, shut up we already get you don't like minorities. Why don't you go back under the rock you came from and stop bothering people? And I do know the real reason the medical community has known for decades about why Hitler hated the Jews. He got an STD from unprotected sex with a Jewish prostitute and nearly had to have a ball amputated. Talk about impotent rage. So like I sat through this weirdo ranting and raving about how I'm part of some evil elite that has to die and that the economy being bad is a sign of zionist power cracking and I'm tired of saying and resaying that he's stupid and I'm not a zionist or an Israeli but a 4th, 5th generation American and that aryans aren't teutonic they are from India because :sarcasticclap: apparently this is just some "liberal elite conspiracy academics say to discourage people from being [racist]" or whatever...
:blahblah: and I'm supposed to have a secret lair to plot world takeovers with my sinister menschmen in a legion of doom :roll: or something if uberman doesn't come by to fight our evil and yaddita yaddita type racist garbage... :laughing:

Gotta love yahoo news comments. One of the places you can get screamed at you hate America for questioning the media or being tolerant. Oh and how you shouldn't get to have an opinion if it's something you studied because school is evil and real men are uneducated racists so anything I might say is some sort of propaganda or other even when I agree on some of their less balls out crazy statements. :nuu: It has to be some sort of evil capital/communo/jewish/liberal plot. Super Captain uberfuhrerman is going to show up to kick everybody's ass for there being civil rights and desegregation, blahblahblah. His racist fantasies are getting quite fantastical. Okay I made up the prestor john-esque type stuff but it was getting so boring I stopped listening closely and added in what I thought of as much more amusing propaganda than standard hate speech.

Haters gonna hate. Especially instead of getting off their minority complaining about asses and getting themselves some jobs by working harder instead of whining that other people got hired instead.

I mean of all the freaking nazis to like, why not somebody cool like Rommel? Unlike emopants Hitler who committed suicide by choice... Rommel did what he did for his country instead of his government (he could tell there are differences sometimes between what is good for the people of a country and its government) so they coerced him into killing himself for thought crimes against the State. Well, that and he got caught planning to assassinate the fuhrer since he figured Hitler was bad for Germany. I mean that part isn't cool about the forced suicide but nazis are screwed up. Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, tank commander, airplane dogfighter and such a badass that even the allies liked him. He was around before the reich during WWI and was known already during the weimar republic. Of course you've gotta ditch a national hero for criticizing you then play it up as a more heroic deed than any of his decorations as a soldier. If you're a totalitarian paranoid... okay okay If I keep this up some dA neonazis who claim Hitler was just a misunderstood poet and who romanticize nazis are going to give me grief.

I guess my point is it's a bit more hypocritical to say you think the axis which people's grandparents (including yours if you're an american for at least a couple generations like you claim to be) fought so hard against, is such a pretty cool guy you wish it would get brought back over again to the US somehow. Yeah they fought so that his tyranny wouldn't have to darken your or your parents' doorstep and you think he's beautiful for it? Whatever.

Fascist fashion is one thing. It's the genocide part that isn't supposed to be okay. Chances are if you think it's so cool you've never experienced much actual violence in your life, real political turmoil (and no, somebody whose policies grate your nerves a little is not a dictatorship compared to extreme communism or fascism, you poor deluded misguided...)...

Anyway yeah. America, where we still kind of don't exactly have secret police to try to track what everybody says all the time for thoughtcrime and don't QUITE encourage community members to rat on each other for being subversives but some people would like it if we did and don't word it that way?

I dunno. It was supposed to be some shit about mob rule and anti-intellectualism, took a weird sideturn at antisemitism and immigration loathing...
The title to this piece is simple my friends. Hypocrisy rhymes with democracy. It is not a complaint about the military industrial complex. It is a critique of racists who think they are protecting america from outside influence by being anti-immigrant and antiminority instead of urging the importance of civics classes for encouraging people to have American values.

Um last time I checked it was less patriotic to celebrate a dead enemy of the State who tried to conquer pretty much the entire world than to want to do things to help your fellow citizens but then again I'm supposed to be full of evil propaganda, so if you can't handle hearing somebody stick up for Civil Rights or the rest of the Constitution and how he likes checks and balances then yeah, we're probably not going to get along much in politics, ok bro?

I'm not saying people can't change laws, I'm not saying bureaucrats are not corrupt, I'm just saying, unless you actually survived and escaped from a totalitarian country, everybody who actually did thinks you're pretty much an a-hole to be idolizing it and idyllicizing it in the 21st century. Uncool story bro. Next time I'll do something about disparity between the rich and the poor and have it be a little less conservative pinko, liberal nazi or whatever it is rubs people wrong when you criticize the angry public mob for being stupid, okay?

He was too dumb to understand the difference between hebrew and jewish, that a jewish-american isn't the same thing as a jew from israel ("paleistine is your fault!1!!" no it isn't, I'm no zionist "Yes you are!" no, I'm not) and that if you're of eastern european stock then your historical murderous oppressor dudes who bug you are going to be the bolsheviks and some of the monarchists. I tried to keep a straight face. Partway through I just couldn't help it and busted out laughing because he was totally full of shit and misinformed and ridiculous. Oh and like apparently if I make fun of neonazis for worshipping a deadguy who lost a war and committed suicide about it that's mean but they say making fun of a minority or of immigrants isn't. In (racist) America.

Maybe just maybe if you're good next time I'll do one about being half southern and half northern and the cultural hilarity that comes from when the two sides of the family run into each other.

So apparently to an Antisemite, if you admit to being Jewish-American they heard that as you are the white Fu Man Chu. I won't draw white fu man chu. I think that would make people upset, you know?

Anyway people, basically never try to teach reason to a skinhead. It's just a huge waste of time. They'll complain about how the rest of the world persecutes them but it honestly never occurs this might be due to them being racists with an overblown sense of entitlement.
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ArteDigitalSA Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student General Artist
nice drawing
scholarwarrior-lad Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
YesOwl Featured By Owner May 23, 2012
Lol, what a complete ..... well you get the idea! I'm all for freedom of speech and letting everyone have their own opinions, even if they are blatantly wrong, but just goes to show that some people are plain uneducable. Hope you've lean't your lesson and don't go trying to reason with these kind of people again, haha! On a serious note though, it's a dam shame that there are still people like this in existence today, you would have thought that would have been evolved out of society by now as without it thing's would actually be better for everyone, including skin head's and minorities alike. Common sense still ain't to common.
scholarwarrior-lad Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yessir. :laughing: Don't they like have hate rallies to go to and/or go get arrested at for trying to harass people offline instead of bugger around on? :laughing:
YesOwl Featured By Owner May 23, 2012
LOL, yeah I would think so. Besides, you can't really tell what colour a person is though the net and they must always run into more people willing to point out their mistaken judgments then people who support them so why do they even bother, haha!
scholarwarrior-lad Featured By Owner May 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess the trouble with the Internet man, is too many little Gods. Each thinks he or she is in charge of the whole rest of the universe.
YesOwl Featured By Owner May 24, 2012
haha, true! I suppose that's the good thing about it, you can be whatever you say you want to be and no one can say any different.
scholarwarrior-lad Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The Gods are angry and demand sacrifices.
Oogah chakka! :iconmaskplz:
TSFurman Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I’d like to make a post about how I agree with ya, but if the skinhead saw it, he would use that as evidence that the Jews are conspiring!
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