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Stop being so :censored: -ing sex negative! Oh for cripes sake!

Whether it's stupid crap like slut shaming to shut up women whose viewpoints you disagree with or dislike,

or bollocks attempting to victim blame with cases of rape because of the woman's "promiscuity",

Even doggedly and dogmatically raving that people deserve to catch venereal diseases because you don't like that some consenting adults choose to engage in casual sex, (the really extreme ones claim that this is going to be directly responsible for a hastening of the Biblical Apocalypse End of Days :lol:),

There is really no way to express any of those views without sounding like a complete and total asshole to an intelligent audience, methinks.

Oh :unimpressed: go bang some rocks together and work on (re)discovering fire, caveman.

I feel like this old-fashioned insistence there has to be something morally wrong with adults who choose to explore their bodies and take a stab at forming romantic relationships is counterproductive to the progression of humanity as a whole at best and downright damaging to advancement when at its worst.

Also, guess what else has been discovered?: :trollface:
The purpose that homosexuality serves in nature in its examples found in the animal world is as a force for social cohesion. In groups. :trollface::trollface: Go stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
<- so not directly contributing passing on of genes but in maintaining relationships and the quality of social group wellbeing.  Sort of similar to the evolutionary role of kinship/altruistic behavior factors. :O_o:  Put more dryly, they don't contribute to individual passing of traits to offspring but fulfill an important niche in promoting survival of everyone in a group.
A.) I'm not in a financially secure enough position to provide them with what I feel to be an adequate quality of life with good potential for opportunities, yet.

B.) I've got ADHD and Aspergers (not self-diagnosed but pro-diagnosed back when I was still a *ugh, how I loathe this phrase* tween), and depending on what pre-existing health and/or mental conditions the would be mother would also be bringing to the table/equation, that isn't something to take lightly when considering what life for your hypothetical as of yet would-be unborn children would be like, or fair stuff for them to have to deal with. Hey, they didn't ask to be born with special needs you arsehole!

C.) Having to be responsible for the well being of someone else is a big responsibility and I don't feel like while I am still working on establishing my own I'd be able to have the clarity of judgment to be a good parent necessarily.
I pretty much gave up on both online and offline dating since the results have for the most part pretty consistently turned out dismally.  Also took some time out for introspection about cosmic nihilism and how insignificant we as a species and our little planet in our little solar system in its little galaxy is (as a perspective check).

Took up some gaming.

Am failing the course I am taking, not from the material being too hard but from loneliness kinda fucking with me while I try to hole up and study.

I haven't been producing as much stuff but have been conceptually tinkering with ideas of what to make next inside my head :shrug: if that counts.

Thought a little bit about constructs of race and gender too the other day. :hmm:

I'm not really looking forward to Thanksgiving with my relatives... since the majority of them are grandstanding jerks who expect me to make a big deal over every teeny tiny not that big a deal thing they achieve all the meanwhile them shitting on my own life choices like they are in any sort of a position to give unsolicited advice on that.
:blahblah: :bulletred:Yes, yes, I know, you think I'm a wimp for having pre-existing health conditions that preclude me from enlistment in the armed services.
:bulletred: You think I'm a loser for not having a car.
:bulletred: For not having a girlfriend.
:bulletred: For still being in college.
:bulletred: And insist I've got to be stupid or something for taking a very long time to get my degree (even though medical degrees generally take longer because they are more "involved" compared to "easier" paths).

:bulletblue: Well, maybe I think you're a loser for dropping out or having a hard time holding any sort of a steady job for the past several decades (or for penning self-help books to capitalize on the latest mental health or food craze fad thing people seem to be worried about through use of false credentials) but because I'm the only sober one at these lame gatherings I still have enough rational restraint in my judgment to avoid saying said loaded things designed to make conflict. Huh? You think?! :sarcasticclap: GEEZ. :facepalm:

<- That is rhetorically directed at my relatives and not at any of you.
It's going to be painful. And slow. Awkward. And unbearable... causing each second to feel like hours and will suck up most of the day.

:rage::megaphone: You don't get to choose who you are related to by blood really. Except in who you marry. But that is a whole 'nother can of worms and you've got to make sure to do that one right too, or you risk screwing up a whole future generation by inflicting the wounds of the past and your flaws onto them. <- that's pretty cheerful, huh? :skullbones:

Thanksgiving is about the food.
And :slamhead: being stuck unplugged and without electronics in a room full of conniving jackals who get shitfaced and viciously snipe at one another because that's generally all they can think of to do for entertainment, for hours on end.

People who don't have jerk relatives have a hard time comprehending this attitude. I've been called "mean" or "not good" for having said opinion and expressing it before.  To which I say: Get real.
Not everybody is going to be holiday sitcom towards their family members.
I respect the ones who work hard or don't totally mooch off others because of possessing deep seated extremely bloated entitlement issues. At least, those are the relatives whom I'll tolerate.

Much as I'll gripe about my mom and have issues with my dad, I do have an at least begrudging respect toward them because I can see how they work hard and am getting a feel for the interesting/nifty bits of their personalities as I get older.
Example: My dad's a (selfish) jerk but he first got me into Spider-man, science fiction, and animal tracking so he's a jerk with style.
My mom taught me word processing and human/animal anatomy + medical stuff. They both helped get me into computers. Her mom is an ubercritical bitch who overwhelmingly does petty things to rub in her face giving preferential treatment to her siblings who do kiss her (my grandma's) butt, which probably is part of what drives my mom toward drinking (in addition to my dad being a frigid jerk. Did I mention jerk? Jerk jerk jerk! ^^;), but that means she is a woman with enough moral integrity to eschew that sort of corrupt nepotism,- which makes her cool.

Oh yeah, Thanksgiving is supposed to be about what we are thankful for too.
I am thankful for... sweet potatoes.  [In Homer Simpson "Donuts..." voice]: Mmm, beta carotene + starchy carbs.
And that my two best friends both want to do some stuff with me over this little vacation break while I'm back in my hometown.

Come on people, give me some comments. Rereading what I already wrote is boring; I already know what I wrote... because I wrote it. [I] Want/would like some interaction to sort and deal with. :laughing:
Depression got more severe. 
The social isolation is getting to me.
Not sure if I'll ever get to be a scientist since the isolation is bothersome and well, I'm better at problem solving and discovering things than just following orders... so, even though those two things are useful in the Real World... they don't exactly translate over well socially or academically. :slamhead:

Aspergers got rolled into part of the Autistic Spectrum, which kind of makes sense because they are RELATED but I think there are enough subtle differences in the way the things manifest that it still justifies considering them as NOT QUITE the same thing.
So technically I guess you could say there is more in common with AS and the HFA version of Autism than other PDD's on the spectrum? 
But then again, ADHD and ADD have certain superficial carry over and they can all run comorbid with each other... which to me suggests there may be a genetic link between these conditions.  Not that they can turn into each other mind you, but that whatever complex mechanics are involved which are multiple allelic in nature probably involve similar expression sites amongst which genes they do share.  Scientists haven't totally mapped out the exact genes though and we're likely years and years away from knowing exactly 100% about which expression sites are effected in said disorders.

The Mirror neuron is an oddity too.  For years people have thought its functioning plays some role in development of social skills but more recent studies have contradicted the general notion people erroneously assumed before that it bore a direct relationship.  Now data is suggesting that if it does play a role, that this must be something of a more indirect one.

Unfortunately, your average Joe tends to only understand disorders in terms of whatever broad media stereotypes are floating around.  These tend to run the gamut of 3 largely encompassing archetypes: drooling idiot, freakishly talented prodigy and criminally insane violent tinderbox.

I like evolution. It is a very handy model to explain the way things develop and can be strongly correlated with an overwhelmingly large body of data that can be observed and measured in REAL TIME.
Ironically, one thing the creationists did get right is man did not evolve from an ape.  Not for the reasons they would like though.
You see, Homo sapiens and modern apes shared a common ancestor!  That is why you still see both running around.  The point at which they diverge is not nearly so superlinear though and this is something else people don't understand.  Real evolution is seldom a straight line of point A to point B in a hyperlinear fashion. It is a logarithmic and exponential, highly branching messy nest of a thing that CHANGES OVER TIME.  This is the why to how come a single genus can have multiple extant species in it.  You can organize these into clades for ease of reference while arranging said "trees of life" but it isn't a 1x1... it's entire populations with bits of them breaking off and diverging to become other populations... which means the very first form of life was likely a bacterial cell.
Now, who or whatever set up the recipe for said primordial soup is something we can't well figure out, so if you want to invoke a supernatural entity to feel better about it if you are a religious person, here would be the place in the theory where people would laugh at you the least.

There is a liberty taken in that each node within a clade represents the entire population of a particular species.
You can use algorithms to sort these out so that they are arranged by degrees of similarity in key genomic sequences they may share portions of but that is far more technical and involved than your average street person would be willing to sit through. :nuu:

Now I am no longer completely alone. I got a house plant: Achievement unlocked.
You still run into this alot. And it's still as annoying now as it was then.
There are these people, usually freshly minted otakus who are new to the experience of anime and manga who spout crud about how it is so very vastly superior to Western animation and comic books.  I know because when I was in middle and high school was when I first got bit by the anime bug.  For frack's sake, my first email address is named after a model make of mobile suit... if that isn't obvious evidence then I don't know what else would be. 

And here's the thing... chances are, these people shitting on their own culture's western animation and comic books so much are woefully ignorant about the underground and cult classic western material.  They have the silly idea that all comics are about the archetypal stereotypical superhero or all cartoons still fall within what is referred to as "the animation ghetto" which is a notion that you have to sanitize and sterilize it all to be palatable for little children because some people in a stupid way have assumed all cartoons should be just for little kids (and therefore, necessarily need to be cheerful, or worse yet, for want of a better word :headache: "stupid").  So their reaction when you expose them to an adult cartoon or a comic about something serious/deep/dark is their head explodes a little bit, their eye twitches and they have a miniature bit of trauma.  After getting over that initial shock though, you realize that hey, it's possible to like both.
I'd suggest 50 cc s of some Ralph Bakshi followed by two Sentai Pills, kthnxbai.
:icondoctorplz: videogames.

Two games I thought were really cool but in a warped and twisted way that had great gameplay were these sort of conqueror sims that was not exactly its own full blown genre during the 90s and early 2000s.  These were Tropico, a computer game where you played a dictator in this fictional tiny Latin island set during the Cold War (there were separate goals of increasing tourism and trying to get at least one of the two Superpower nations to like/acknowledge you, one of the easiest ways of doing the latter being to do something to piss off the other one) and Destroy All Humans (DAH!) in which you played as a hostile space invader seeking to subjugate the human race* but during the heyday of the utmost height of UFO/Flying Saucer public hysteria (basically that particular slice of 1950s-esque Americana)... and you have to get as many people as you can, like an evil plague... because @#$%^&*! you, your ship solely runs on something you can only get through harvesting human brainstems. And also abducting cows. Although that might have been just for a particular achievement I think. Memory is a little fuzzy on that one.  It was challenging because as you got more points towns and cities got more afraid of you then the levels would get harder... you'd have the airforce and national guard come after your saucer (sh*t! @#$%^&*!). But that was okay because you could take some of the humans that you chose not to harvest the brains of (if you chose not to kill all of them) and make them into these kind of brainwashed helpers that would calm people down so you could get more of your precious fuel out of the other ones without being super impeded?

*Also, like, you've crashlanded in the freaking middle of nowhere in the sol system (again, f*ck you), so you're going to have to repair your ship in order to eventually get off Earth (just your luck as a hapless would-be conqueror, one supposes).   The whole game's plot was engineered so you have to be the bad guy ([In best Zim voice]: STUPID HUghMANS!).
Sometimes organic food does taste better in quality...*
However, I find the smugness and insisting that processed food is always bad to be somewhat obnoxious.
So... shouldn't the objective instead of being arguments framed in idiotic "mine is good" and "yours is evil" dichotomies and butting heads be about how to process things in a more "friendly" and healthful manner instead?
Oh wait. That takes work and research. I forget that fighting tends to be more fun. :sarcasticclap:

*when you grow your own vegetables or fruit for example, although you have to make sure they get adequate water.  I also figure probably that the soil quality may play a role in how the adult fruit/vegetable tastes.

The decision of whether or not to use pesticides and herbicide is up to you though.
We still prefer food that is not infested with oh, say rats and bugs, for health reasons and it is difficult to market things that are covered with animal bites and chew marks or that have rotted from mold...
So you can try growing plants in a very carefully controlled environment to make sure no pests or diseases get to them but this would be rather tedious and labor intensive, yes?
I'm not saying it is impossible, I'm just saying in general that may be a part of the reasoning to justify why it is that certified as "organic" produce tends to be costlier.

A more realistic approach then would be the development of more ecological fertilizers and pesticides + herbicides... which is something agricultural biochemists do.  There are snags, and I suppose the mistakes can be thought of as something of a learning curve, but you can't have progress without some amount of errors along the way.  So the zero tolerance notion people tend to hold towards accepted risks seems an overly simplistic one.  It does take a certain generally agreed upon level of risk to make progress toward forward motion, right?

The trick then would be establshing what acceptable levels of risk in a process or activity are. I think that is what review panels are supposed to be for? :shrug:
I don't want to work for a review panel though. I'd much rather be designing and discovering things. :headache:
Does that make me unethical? No, not per se. It's just... I'd rather be doing and making as my primary duties and leave the establishing of regulation to someone else... :fingerscrossed: Let's just hope and pray that the people tasked with such a job do so in an enlightened manner. :slamhead:

Acceptability threshholds are a thing, for a reason.
I find it hypocritical that there is such a plethora of technophobic propaganda screed floating around online when the Internet itself, a method to electronically communicate and exchange images, text, expressions, moving picture, etc. with one another in an not altogether tangible manner to the average consumer (something we take faith in that it works without being overly concerned about knowing every fine nut and bolt to how it works, much like television or the radio), is also a type of advanced technology.  Why aren't these same people as terrified of how ubiquitous the Internet has become in our lives?  It too is a type of technology not wholly understood by the majority of people who use it. Smirk.

Hey, guess what? The Internet does not exist in nature... and is the product of mankind's engineering.  It is something we've collectively assembled through harnessing brainpower and the fruit of computer scientists' efforts.

So why so much more commotion about nanobots, cloning and genetic modifying of food, etc.?

Antiscience bothers me.
The majority of "abuse of science" people like to point to examples of that are historical for their soapboxing though involves governments.
:? About the most screwed up experiments I can think of that academics participated in are some of the behavioral science psychology studies conducted in the 1930s-60s before the development of human and animal ethics reviewing and standards, but other than that... :shrug: Well, I've got nothing.

Just remember, scientists are people too.  We aren't all... like some sort of horrifying machine trying to suck people's brains and life forces out.  :roll:  You're thinking of zombies and vampires. :sarcasticclap:

I thought back to when I first used DAZstudio back in 2007 and remembered my old account name from when I was using v 2.3...
Dicked around with product library and migrated what I could from the old into my current 4.7 beta...

So well, I couldn't transfer the fairy and woods props but did get some of the old freebies to migrate over... so now I have Dinokonda and The Medieval Blacksmith again.
Fiddled around with the Michael 3.0 base since that was before the genitals were sold separately in a more expensive pro package.
Still some CMS issues with my smart content pane for most of the day but I got the Valentina to switch over to PostgreSQL*... and now through certain weight mapping and resetting of pose and morph zeroes and settings plus some conversion voodoo... tada! I can use the Michael 3.0 penis on michael 4 or 5, and fit it to him without major deformation occurring... you do still have to reposition stuff and the texturing material is that stupid bubblegum pink that the skin in all the third generation DAZstudio figures from back then tended to come preloaded with but hey, at least now Michael 5 can be a complete male, right? :facepalm: (seriously, why does DAZ expect people to shell out hundreds of dollars just for some 3D balls or a Cooter? Are they insane? :O_o:).

*update: Evening:

Through continuing to tinker around with settings :faint: and directory locations :slamhead: I finally fixed my copy of DAZstudio's Content Database...  got it to where it stopped reading the corrupted Valentina files and migrated over to POSTgreSQL.

I am having a little bit of issues with the old morph injectors though.  Not sure where that got migrated to in 4.6. Is it a separately purchased plugin now? I can almost swear I saw something about it in one of the menus second or third level in on a dropdown tab but am not positive...
I decided if I was going to tackle romance I'd only do it when there was also horror and comedy involved...
Enter Mr. Personality, Avocado Joe (AKA the charming slime monster).

Just because I'm lonely and miserable doesn't mean all the characters I make have to also be.
This is still kind of a bit of social commentary tucked in (having a slime creature be good with the ladies, sort of a hamfisted metaphor, am I right?) but what started out a touch bitter and sarcastic wound up a bunch of fun... so I think I'll have the slime creature and his magic wielding lady do several couples poses and scenes, whether it's going on a date in the woods, beating up a bunch of zombies or even slow dancing (that is, once I find a decent set of dance poses... at the moment I'm working on adjusting some V4 Tea time poses to fit Genesis).

I think they make a fun unconventional couple.
I do not know that I will ever meet a girl who likes me as a person :shrug: in dating.
Everyone enjoys being treated to a meal or given presents, but far fewer people are as equally willing to accept that the other person also has some of their own feelings and wants "in the relationship." :doh:
I found it amusing that even at the new campus I have transferred to that when election time rolls around there are doomsaying street preachers saying they think the end times are nearly upon us.  :laughing: Yes, I too have somewhat of a dismal opinion of politics, but to me, I always found the notion of people "needing" to repent in order to postpone our looming destruction by an angry God to be somewhat off base.  You see, we've a tendency to both exaggerate our own importance in the universe and to anthropomorphize God.  These two mindsets can be a touch bit problematic.  I think of God not as a person but a thing.

To me, in a nihilistic way, it doesn't really matter that much even if the end of the world was looming because what makes you think you, a petty, pathetic and thoroughly insignificant player in this cosmos can change what something as powerful and important as a God or The God has decided?  :O_o:
To me, rather than worry about your soul and if it might be going to hell, better is to focus on doing your best to be a good human being.

Now granted, part of that might be the scientist and academic archetypes that are present in the personality of a number of thinking people, myself included (I call it sort of the Prometheus effect or syndrome). 
<- what that entails is... regardless of whether or not there is some preordained order and plan for us or not, rather than allowing ourselves to simply be victim of our circumstances, should we not at least try to build our own fate? :hmm:
So you know what? Give mankind fire. Sure it might piss certain powers that be off, and not everybody will always use it just for good things but the way I see it, we're on the whole much better for it than we would have been without it.
Yes, take what consequences may come from that.  Even if there may be brutal, perhaps terrible punishments for doing so, if the thing you are giving people is something truly important then maybe it is worth it.  The personal suffering would be outweighed by how much a discovery or invention advances humanity... I think. :shrug:

What is important though? That could be argued about.

You see, going up to people and railing at them about how you think THEY all need to amend their wicked ways and repent assumes a certain basic position of supposed moral superiority and the thing is that's rather offensive since you are assuming that the other people around you NEED this saving and worse yet, that you somehow, in self-righteous fashion by some means are the one to be doing it.  It seems rather misguided.  The way I view Christianity is that it is about being a good example as a human being. Trying to be the best human being. Unfortunately, the few times there were "the very best" of Christian human beings as far as the religion tends to be concerned they had this nasty historical horrific tendency towards getting martyred by angry and unappreciative crowds of would be converts. :oops:
Methinks perhaps at least some of it was due to local pagans not terribly appreciating the being sermonized at and admonished/chastized, etc.  Look, if you wish to show people that your ways are better, then do that by being superior... not simply by bashing them over the head with your take on how inferior they must be; that's the lazy bastard's way, since practically any asshole from anywhere and in any walk of life can go up to people and start shitting all over how they presume everyone else around them to be.  Don't be so theologically lazy. Sheesh.
The reason why we tend to represent extraterrestrials in our fiction as being composed of a hybridized or chimeric mixture of various plants and/or animals from earth is I believe due to the limitations of the human imagination.  It may be a fundamentally difficult task to think up a heretofore altogether different form of life than any we have yet encountered, from scratch as it were.

Some basic considerations can be taken into account though because assuming the creatures you populate your fantasy or science fiction stories with live in the same universe as us, some of the natural laws of the ways matter and living systems physically behave might still follow realistic rules. For example... people who are from a planet with much higher gravity than ours would present as shorter and physically stronger than those on earth... and people who lived on say a moon or some other place with weaker gravity than the Earth's would be taller but also somewhat weaker... to them we would seem super strong.
Do you suppose on a planet with a thinner atmosphere that animals on it would adapt to have larger lungs or develop a more extensive respiratory system? On one with a thicker atmosphere would things be able to reach gigantic stature or simply have smaller lungs in proportion to their other body systems?

What would a prokaryotic sentient multicellular organism look like? Would it be a gigantic mass of amoeboid slime?  On the Earth oomycetes or slime/water molds are a type of organism that can band together into mucoid balls of goo that can reach sizes of anywhere from a few millimeters across to centimeters and in a few exceptional cases a couple meters in order to migrate.  Perhaps on a planet with thicker atmosphere and weaker gravity you could have vast grazing herds of these supercolonies traverse the bizarre alien landscape?

I know in movies such as Avatar some of the exoticness (again using Avatar as an example) of the Pandoran plant life was due to the artists modeling the flora after sessile marine invertebrates. 
What we use as defining parameters to distinguish between plants and animals does not always hold true at the microscopic level since there are protists capable of both behaving as heterotrophs that hunt for food and autotrophs which can photosynthesize... perhaps somewhere in the universe you could have a sort of "planimal" that is macroscopic and exhibits those two characteristics. :hmm:

When I was very little and belonged to Explorer Scouts (the nerdier more indoor version of boy/eagle scouts) I recall a time that a guest speaker who was a astrobiologist came to give us a talk about how giant spiders and insects like the bugs in Starship troopers would not be possible on a planet like earth since things such as the atmosphere composition and gravity put a somewhat stiff upper limit on the size which land animals may reach... he then showed us how arthropod circulatory systems work and explained the square cube law with its surface area to volume ratio.

Anything in a body system that requires capillary action for its mechanism of conveying fluids would have certain... I suppose you could think of them as architectural limitations on how large they could become although, certain large plants such as the sequoia or giant redwood can grow extremely immense.

Also, structures such as gills and lungs require gases to be diffused against surface tissues, yes?
I do wonder, why is it that we have living things with endoskeletons and living things with exoskeletons but don't seem to have any that have what could be thought of as a "mesoskeleton".

In real life a bipedal giant of the type found in various mythologies and religions would require some sort of alternative body plan in order to have say Biblical strength.  Having just one heart in regular proportion as a human being has would result in an incredibly weak creature that would be constantly out of breath and probably have a short lifespan dying promptly of a heart attack.
The largest land creatures currently alive tend to be quadrapeds...  With the exception of say prehistoric giant sloths and bears which are not in the strictest sense totally four legged (they can rear up on two legs should they want to, yes?).
If you look at the fossil record, most very large land animals that were bipedal tended to also sport tails for balance.
Water animals however, there are many examples of these which can more readily reach much larger sizes than land or air beasts.

I'm not sure why it was that land and air animals could reach such a tremendous size in the ice age and before that in the time of dinosaurs, etc. but believe it may have something to do with the atmosphere of the early earth being thicker and its composition different than the one after the ice age.

Perhaps to deal with that surface area to volume ratio mass constraint a modern, say "manbuilt" giant created as an artificial lifeform through synthetic biology and extensive genetic engineering (a hypothetical construct since we are very far away from being able to tell a computer how to make a sentient life form from the ground up, so don't worry, you silly alarmists ;P), would have a body that contained a circulatory system featuring multiple hearts and a different respiratory system than us in order to handle those unique demands.  A cyclops would have depth perception issues since monocular vision is inferior to that of binocular vision or the compound vision of an insect.

I'm not saying go make a giant, since that hardly seems ethical mind you, it would take much more food to raise one than a normal sized or even just an extremely tall human being and also, he or she would no doubt require a larger amount of space to comfortably live in than a regular person... what with the Earth already being so crowded in human population such an idea hardly seems practical. However, barring all that aside, the notion of hypothetically how a giant "might work" is an interesting thing to think about.

It is dated but you can read about some of that in the old HG Wells story "Food of the Gods".  The "science" involved in much of things that old used as phlebotenum in fiction has since been largely disproven but you get a decent feel for what the social and economic ramifications having "true giants" amongst us might be like and bring to a society. ;)

Now what about say a Dragon... let's say you wanted to get all Anne McCaffrey Dragonriders of Pern and make a real, large firebreathing reptile? Could it be done... and fully naturally through genetic manipulation rather than by producing a machine or cyborg?  That is difficult to say.  Exothermic and combustion reactions in general tend to singe flesh and denature proteins so unless you would be willing to construct your future dragon out of exotic supermaterials capable of withstanding exposure to high temperatures but which could still behave the way their more heat-labile molecular cousins found in nature do in other important respects.  Perhaps a combination of features, say glands like those utilized in the bombardier beetle's abdomen to produce and eject hot acid, together with the mechanism by which a spitting cobra, puff adder, etc. use to shoot venom could result in a "fire breather" of a sort or after a fashion.

This conjecture is neither work nor immediately relevant.
My detractors would be want to suggest it means perhaps I could do with a "getting laid."  Something which I would perhaps not entirely object to but in order for that to occur you would need to have someone who is romantically interested in you, first. :roll:  That is rather necessary.

Where our science fiction movies are wrong is that you cannot make a clone with all the same memories as the parent it has been cloned from and it would not be born as an adult. Rather, like any other living thing, it starts out an infant than progresses through the other life stages, then dies. Well, assuming it lives to adulthood.  Where people got the idea that a clone would not have a soul is anyone's guess since as far as I can tell no specific piece of scripture says anything about the subject of cloning.
I think you could train a clone to know some of the same things as the original through intensive teaching and instruction but this would be costly and take a very long time.  On the other hand, you could make a synthetic person which has a body given adult proportions... I'm not sure how you would go about having it have a sentient brain though and once that hurdle gets passed, you would probably still have something with the brain of a child that is freshly experiencing each thing in the world around it for the very first time.  Perhaps if it was some sort of a computer brained thing or an android duplicate it could be programmed to already have certain protocols for various basic behaviors established from the get go and this might cut down on the "learning curve" for your would be high tech monster?
I bought the Subsurface Goop Shader pack for DAZstudio during a sale for just 4.87.  They're neat but it got me to wondering some things about texturing...
and I'm thinking... I should probably also at some point soon eventually teach myself about rigging... it would be nice if I could come up with some of my own models in time rather than just buying the prefabricated ones all the time. :hmm:
So like, I got dumped yesterday after two dates by this gal who felt that my request that hey, maybe she try texting hi to me (there's a one button macro for that too so it's really not that difficult these days) oh I dunno, maybe once or twice a week or every other, or initiating at least SOME of our conversations so that it wasn't always me having to start all of them was simply too hard and too unreasonable or downright mean to ask of her. :O_o:

This is the second person I've come across who seems to think relationships just magically happen and you don't have to put any work into them.  :roll:
You know, anybody who acts like having to actually talk to the other person is a stupid big pain in the ass probably shouldn't be trying to find people to go out with though. I don't get these people.

So evidently having a backbone = mean/forceful.  Wow... um, I don't know... quite what to say on that one.  I'm a goddamned aspie and even I'm underwhelmed by the major lack of social skills demonstrated.

So far I have (highlight reel):

:bulletgreen: Met a woman who spent the entire date on her phone texting other people and minding sports scores while only half paying slight attention to what was going on around her in the restaurant,
:bulletgreen: Met a girl who despite expressing insecurities about her own personal appearance said I was the insecure one for asking how come it seemed like I had to do all the work through having to initiate/carry through every conversation we had... and explained to me she would rather watch old television reruns in her house by herself all day than ever hang out or meet in person (over the course of through several conversations this became apparent),
:bulletgreen: Met somebody whose idea of a good first date was: Hey, can you help me move all my furniture out of my old apartment and into my new one (that was so far out of left field I actually halfway considered taking her up on it, what's more I think since the second one was probably smaller she would have maybe let me keep a few of the more kitschy pieces for the trouble)?,
 :bulletgreen: Met someone who chickened out halfway through setting up an actual date then kept making weird excuses and half-assed yet earnest seeming reschedulings that threw me off for about a week or two and ultimately somehow made me out to be the bad guy for asking what was up (would it seriously kill people to flat out say in the beginning if they are really not that interested? Seems faking it is rather rude in hindsight).
Great job humanity, if this is the direction things are going we're going to... :sarcasm: Really go places as a civilization. Sheesh.

Offline I have (blooper reel):
:bulletred: Met and gone out/steady for awhile with a physically abusive first-gen child of immigrants young lady who didn't get that marriage simply wasn't a thing you could force onto a guy in America (who also faked a pregnancy :sarcasticclap: wow),

:bulletred: Gone out with a verbally abusive woman who somehow thought getting me to give up everything I enjoyed as part of a harebrained scheme to convert me to her fire and brimstone variant of extremely skewed death-cult variety Christianity while behaving thoroughly uncivilized in public amongst my friends and relatives could get me to marry her and also that I'd be alright with never ever having sex in said hell... to prevent my soul from going to hell, which seems ironic in retrospect, was a really cool idea.

I guess, things can sort of only go up from here?

It's the Middle Earth Dating Game, ... with Orcs!TM
Think I should possibly look into it at some point.
Every other interaction I have with my lab partner follows in her trying to passive-aggressively screw me over.  Whether it is answering me when I ask if there is anything she'd like me to help her with in the experiment our table is doing that she thinks I should basically go off in the corner and do my own thing (after taking over most of it herself so there isn't much for me to do), or acting extremely put upon if I ask her some stuff to double check the procedure or confer results, this chick is hostile.
These actions are up to and including trying to use that I am a writer against me by claiming I was trying to work on a book instead of paying attention in class during the lecture and that this was "distracting her from learning" to the professor, or so he had taken me aside in his office during lunch to explain.  I'm pretty sure I only work on chapters during the break between lecture and lab though so wtf.
Wow... people are kind of insular dicks no matter where you go.  That's disappointing.

I'm roughly 200 miles from any of my friends I do have too, out here. :O_o:

I certainly don't have any in class, that's for sure.
Yeah I know. :shrug: Seems like where ever I go I end up pissing people off. :roll:

And I'd much rather be designing things or solving problems than dealing with these petty people politic drama things too so oh well and what the hell I guess. :sarcasticclap:…
Basically, any time you see some sort of creature or "monster" in the catalogue ... ;P mostly those.
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I believe this animated clip was originally made by the professor of a medical school as a study aide for his students.
I found it amusing...
Critics of psychiatry claim it is all just excuses to shove expensive pills down people's throats...
I'd argue that it isn't all willy-nilly though and there's a rather complex set of methods to who you give which pills and for what... at least when you are practicing it correctly.  The choice of using the tune of the Modern Major General song from Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance lends itself well to the baffling and at times nightmarish convolution of this branch of medicine in my opinion.
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If the sample I'd obtained earlier this week from the saliva and mucus inside my mouth and cultured on a petri dish with some Mitis salivarius agar is going to have its biota composition reflect that I was still sick at the time I'd made it.  That media is designed to show breakdown of dextran I think... so you can use it to culture stuff that eats sugar.

Today professor was explaining to us about the natively endogenous? and transient types of bacteria we can harbor.
I know they can interact with each other and that sometimes when we get sick it is from picking up a pathogenic species that displaces our normal body microbiota altering the makeup.