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Am I the only one who has a hard time taking hacktivists who can't even use proper English grammar seriously?
Ooh, scary. :laughing: A bad movie (or two) offends them so they go and lose their shit and attack a corporation. :laughing:
So lame.

Look, that isn't how you play America-ball.  We make fun of stuff we don't like. If you don't like us, make fun of us.
Proving yet again that they are a poor sport who can't take being made fun of.  If you don't like a movie then as a regime you've got every right NOT to ALLOW it to be shown within your territory but when you start telling other countries what movies you think they can and cannot watch outside your own sovereign area... that's not supposed to fly, ok?
:O_o:  Jesus Christ Hollywood, stop giving them so much attention.  You're supposed to publicly ignore bad behavior to make it go away while in private choosing what sort of a response to have.

I think maybe George Clooney is onto something. Even though he probably made the worst Batman, but if he was brave enough to don a suit that had what are now infamously referred to as "batnipples", I guess that takes balls.
He's got some petition going to various studios and other actors and people, to request Sony not be such a glass jaw about it and find their spine, show the movie some other time later in a different format because other countries can't and shouldn't be telling you which movies you can and cannot make to show people. They can choose whether to allow it to be shown in their own theaters or not but you don't go around telling a different country than you what movies it can and can't make/show.

North korea be like: :iconrageguyplz: "YOU CAN'T BE DOIN' DAT"
and media be all: :nuu: "ERMAHGERDNOES WE WON'T SHOW IT SO PLZ DON'T HERT US!1!!"
Meanwhile, USA President & the Cabinet be like: :O_o: :unimpressed: "WTFis this shit?"

Also, you know, while I think that the movie in question was done to be outrageous on purpose and probably isn't "very good", there are much worse movies you could be wanting to go and blacklist, NK. :roll::sarcasticclap:  For example, just about anything with Jonah Hill in it you'd have my (and a ton of other people's) blessing. Seriously, to me that guy just isn't even really that funny but the media keeps hyping him up like if they put him in enough stuff it might confuse some of us as movie-going audiences into collectively hallucinating that he's somehow funnier than he is. :doh:  I'm half-joking by the way in case you couldn't figure that out :shrug: but honestly I find him to be really not that good and often wonder why the heck he gets cast so often in stuff as of recent (to date, my best possible explanations are that either he has a really good agent or is extremely just ridiculously well connected). :O_o:

Bottom-line and take away message: Semi-civilized nations ban stuff they dislike being shown within their own territory.  Silly jackasses go and try to police what other countries show.
So the Middle East is still a big f*cking mess but I heard some news that the Obama administration may be willing to attempt some things to open up interaction with Cuba?

That would very much improve our relations with much of the Latin world in the Central and South Americas... in spite of the tainted history we've got reputation-wise from historically murking about a whole lot down there and in the Caribbean.  Think about how much it would reduce dependency on Middle Eastern powers for oil... and would be one of those rare examples of America for Americas helping itself out in a non crippling way (:hmm:!).

Maybe it is about time for a long overdue ending of the long held embargo. :shrug: It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I don't think it is the ghost of Christmas NAFTA per se (:fingerscrossed) but do feel that the United States and its neighbors could be doing more to be helping each other out and in doing so, that this could economically benefit all parties involved (!).

Hey, wake up and smell the ersatz coffee!  There is a helluva lot we could be doing politically that involves our immediate neighbors instead of concentrating so freaking much resources way further abroad. :shrug:

You see, have a tendency to grief me about being the only nerd in the family.
I am glad to be only obligated to go see them at most maybe either once or twice each year.

When I do though, it is always the same lines of questioning.
Why are you still in school?  Because I am studying science and medicine. Oh, you must be stupid to be taking so long :trollface: No (you jackass), it takes a long-ish time to get those kinds of degrees and also there are some external personal circumstances which are waylaying me.
Are you sure you wouldn't rather be doing something else instead (of the course of study which it is that you have been pursuing)? Yes because hello (dumbass), I'm just about finished with my first degree and it would be rather assanine to this far in decide to up and start all over again from ground one in a completely different field. :facepalm:
Do you work yet?  That's a bit complicated in that while there are things which individuals and certain organizations do pay me money to do, none of that is what you in your limited way might consider to be "a proper job."
How come you still have your mom and dad doing things to help you out sometimes (I don't know, maybe because they care a bit more about how I turn out than how you guys did about your kids, relatives? :shrug:)?
Do you drive yet? Long story short, no, no I don't. I get to most of the places I want to go by train, bus or carpool, in the interests of saving money.
Why don't you have a girlfriend? I don't know :roll: maybe because girls simply just don't tend to like me that much*? :rage:  Oh, you are going to in a predictably lame fashion then have sniggering implications you suspect I might be some sort of a homosexual? :sarcasticclap: First off that's not terribly politically correct and you sound like a redneck to be calling people that in a disparaging manner, and secondly well no, I'm not one, so shut the f*ck up!

Also, in other news:
Dad has again managed to break 'my car' this time via manhandling the emergency break.  I don't drive it yet so it mainly just sits outside my parents' house and I let them borrow it when their cars aren't working or one is being repaired.  It is a vintage Mercedes which gets pretty crappy mileage so what I was intending to ultimately do is retrofit it with a biodiesel or electric engine to render that issue a moot point. :shrug:
He has also again proceeded to cause me unnecessary drama by despite my telling him off for it, insisting on pretending to be me and demanding things from my professors.  This is in spite of my explaining to him the scenario factors which make this gee, probably an incredibly bad idea to do since I am really in no position to be demanding anything from them in terms of special favors. <- :headache: More academic fires for me to have to put out. :stare:

*Were there to be someone my age of the opposite gender who considers me to be "datable", I would possibly be more than happy to take her on said dates but no, there isn't so that's (obviously) why I do not.

Observation: I am beginning to notice a trend in which the less closely related through blood I am to someone, generally the better it is that you and I will be able to get along. ^^;
:sarcasm: I am also now beginning to gain certain greater appreciation/understanding in why it is that in the tree of life there are examples of lower animals which as part of their life cycle will instinctively devour/kill their relatives. :skullbones:
I think what I'd best like for Christmas is perhaps a bound collection of HP Lovecraft short stories.
The universe is a vastly large and impersonal place, and in Lovecraft's various Dream Cycle and mythoses (mythosi? However it is one would pluralize that word), trying to carelessly probe its cosmic depths can typically have horrific consequences (that was like one of his go to plot twists, c'mon).
:hmm: Well, that and some DAZ studio 3D art zone gift certificates.

My father has decided that he does not like Christmas because in his own mind that excuses him from having to buy other people any presents.  So, mother and I are having a holiday anyway around him. ...I took my little brother to the comic store and bought him some Iron Man Armor Wars sort of figures featuring Tony's Hulkbuster suit for when he tried to fight the Incredible Hulk and that one weird Samurai Armor with the sword arms he wore once in the 90s for a storyline where I think the writers had him go to Japan. I also got my brother a Batman New 52: Future's End one shot with a holographic cover where Bats has to team up with The Riddler to stop Calendar Man from carrying off a New Years caper (see Calendar Man is weird in that he only commits crimes either on particular days of the week or holidays, but what makes that sinister instead of just silly is he can plan stuff out way in advance, specifically to occur on those days... because, hello, he's Calendar Man; Alright, alright! I know, that's still a lame villain because basically his shtick is just having time management skills).
I'll give this a shot though:

Corporate personhood:  When a business (typically a large one) possesses similar rights to those held by an individual citizen, such as but not limited to:  being able to have lawyers there to "represent its interests in court," having to pay taxes in a similar manner to how an individual does, etc.

The reason why this bothers some people is that if corporations are afforded more/greater rights than individuals in a society, this can be worrisome.

Also, can manifest itself during intellectual property rights battles?
Example: Butthurt whinging by media executives during DRM + anti-piracy types of court cases against file sharing sites... will at its core in the arguments given (happen to) rest on the concept of corporate personhood, methinks.
To me, on a philosophical level, it isn't the horrible beast or freakish creature (external) that is the awful monster necessarily, but our human sense of self-entitlement, having run amok (internal).  That is the scariest thing. It's this irrational notion that we DESERVE the things that we want and that depriving other people of these things, taking it from them (forcibly) is somehow both fine and good because in our screwed up minds we think that makes us get closer toward having them or have the things that we desire that allows some of the sickest depths of human bad behavior to occur, methinks.

If you listen to the kinds of excuses murderers (and to an extent, also rapists) make in jail about why they did what they did, you may spot it.

Claiming ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking it and don't think court's will swallow down what is simply at it's best an immaturity.

The same can be said about stealing their hard earned possessions. Food, clothes, medicine, cars, etc.

Yet, there is a strange exception in the realm of intangibles.  One might attempt to argue that if one is stealing an idea for the right reasons (to promote spread of it even amongst those who would otherwise not be able to afford access to information that either a.) it can be established would generally improve their quality of life, or b.) reduce certain societal or social inequities) that there may be some merit. <- :cough: piracy :cough: and why it will likely never, ever truly go away despite the best attempts of law enforcement and squandered resources of governments that have been appropriated toward said quasi-property defense).

See, to me morality is not so clear cut nor simpleminded in all cases as some would ideally have it be.

Let me present to you another case:
Some people argue that it is bad for doctors and researchers to make money from their inventions or discoveries and that the only reason spurring them to do what they do should be contributing towards the common good. This is in full ignorance of the fact that said experts are human beings, as human beings we contribute as (albeit very small) players in a much larger economy, and that it costs money to live and buy food to eat.  Also, since it is a business, one must be able to recoup the costs involved in research and developing a new piece of technology or technical advance.  These may be financial, or in terms of man hours that have been translated into a certain generally agreed upon amongst educated circles amount of finances... one would be led to conclude.

This somewhat ignorant notion that people should be doing things only for love of the thing is the same fetid tripe you shove at an artist, trying to guilt them out of wanting a living wage, or an intern, trying to eke out secrets of his or her plied trade as they establish themselves as a gear within his or her chosen industry.  Oh but it should just be for joy of getting the PRIVILEGE of being allowed to do said thing, go people... who have conveniently forgot that this is how these people, they make a living this way, and it is also their livelihood.  Would you argue they should do their job for free, for you, the bloated and spoiled consumer, but also that they should not issue any complaints about it, and that since this works just fine for you that you don't see any reason to have want to listen to the wants of the craftspeople?

I notice a vacillation in this pattern, what started out an argument in favor of piracy (in so much as it relates to promoting the general spreading of information and works over legal and financial barriers, in a (hopefully) beneficial way), risks sounding preachy in favor of such measures against said spreading as DRM (something I personally find to be an abomination in that it restricts the owner/user in how they may use or copy said copy of media they purchased, rented, borrowed or are viewing, :sarcasticclap: "for their own 'good'." <- and thus removing room for the person to explore his or her own right and wrong, journey of personal development, etc.). :headache:
It is not a hypocrisy in so much as it is a reflection upon the complexity though, perhaps?

Another pattern in this analysis is that what had started out arguing against over-reaching sense of self-entitlement enacted by selfish people (narcissists) in a twisted mirror way parallels the whinging of creators not to have them be expected to provide their goods and services for free and for no profit. 

The difference being that being paid for rendering goods and services in a job is not the same thing as murdering a person... usually.
Wow... that got all kinds of dark and f*cked up.

Did I mention I've never taken any real philosophy classes except one in humanism once as an elective because of how it tied into psychology?
Let's avert that mental circle jerk just for a moment though and give some thought to the core bits:
What makes a bad thing wrong and a good thing good?
Who is framing it,... who stands to benefit and who will be harmed? <- I like to think these things when constructing worlds and mythos' (mythoses? Mythosi? Good god the grammar on that ones conjugation feels sort of weird) in my works of fiction and theoretical, hypothetical arguments.

Obviously, either it is a control thing or there are some control things going on.  In unraveling that one may come to the deeper level of... either apathy and just wanting to mind ones own business, or mind f*ck-upedness.

Also, since it rapidly approaches 2AM, I can't help but feel that halfway through this I may just be splatting a bunch of pseudo-deep nonsense onto a page.  I will agree it is a type of work avoidance to be doing this sort of thing instead of homework but that was not the point of the analysis. :hmm: :?

It's like, how would I explain this?
I certainly don't feel *entitled* to a girlfriend but having someone to go out to things with is theoretically a good thing, and a "nice stuff to have going on in ones life"... whereas in practice it often becomes an exercise in how much neurotic drama and/or abuse + neglect can you withstand receiving from a stranger before you can't take it anymore and either run or walk away from it.  That or a case study in observing abnormal psychology in action (oftentime ;-P).  So despite continually reaching out and drawing back a bloody stump, one continues every so often to try again in the vain hopes that this time one's luck might be the littlest odd bit different. -?  Is it not better to set yourself up for bleak punishment than to live completely isolated from everyone eklse around you in unbroken perpetuity? That may be something to chew on.
Not wanting to get married nor start a family does not make me into the most 'orrible person in the world.
Despite what a few violently, severely traditionalist religious upbringing background-ed people might otherwise be led to believe.
However, having the belief that your beliefs must make you inherently superior to your neighbors? That seems to do a pretty nice job of it.

Also, I am studying medicine.

I find people who demand these things (of people in my station of life) to be... though not scary, somewhat disgusting.
They tend to follow this sort of a general plot formula: Guy or girl meets/tries to meet this other guy/girl.  Shit gets in the way to be the conflict.  Then, either they work through it together and happily ever after blah, blah, blah... or they don't and instead each winds up being with someone about equally as hapless, the end.

An idea I had for a romantic comedy: Features two normal people who are surrounded by other people who have superpowers. :shrug:  Has this been done already?

I'm a guy who lives by himself with a potato.  Let's just say that there's plenty of think time.
Why is it... why :facepalm: that everybody keeps saying things to me such as: You've probably made all sorts of new friends, gone to parties, dated pretty girls, etc. ? NO, I EFFING HAVEN'T. MADE A SINGLE FRIEND HERE YET.
There, are you happy now?

There was only one person so far who I went out with for a very short time (two dates that were each spaced several weeks apart) before being unceremoniously dumped for what to me seemed perhaps exceedingly superficial reasons (it being "too hard" to perhaps text hello once in awhile and my asking why it was I had to always be the one to initiate 93-97% of the conversations being seen as 'pushing').  I think if you have to be the one to do almost all the work it just is a ridiculous and cockamamie excuse for interaction.  Apparently others however, seem quite alright with a sessile and vegetative approach to what they consider (new) "relationships."

I DON'T... GET INVITED TO THINGS (typically).  I invite people to things then (typically may) get derided as weird because why the eff would you want to do that? :ohmygod:

Though I WOULD like someone to take to/with things or at least each lunch with once in awhile, THAT ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN and so, I must kindly, ever-so-gently ask people to: eff the eff off with that line of questioning.

The next person to tell me how: :poo: "These are the best years OF YOUR LIFE" :stare: <- Those are the ones who make my (I think it's the) left temple throb.  You know what? I can't even finish that sentence. That's how annoying that speech is to me (;P).
Internal rage juice is not a substitute for actual actions though.
I hate not being able to do anything to ameliorate said situation.
Also, it is not :sarcasticclap: getting the work done.

I get, thank you very much, that this is a first world problem to have and that I should simply be thankful to live in a prosperous and industrialized nation with some access to healthcare and adequate supply of food, and which isn't overly wartorn or filled to the brim with disease plague... but does it have to be so dogblastingly lonely all of the time? :headache:

Thanksgiving break, instead of getting to spend some precious time with my oh, one, two actual friends back home who were still in town, had to be spent instead with my demoniac seeming extended kin who always give all sorts of grief to me about being a (wait for it), NERD... to the point they've on occasion asked me if I'm some sort of a homosexual (in a derisive redneck way) and gone to great lengths to make it apparent the disdain they show toward me for: a.) being of too weak health to join the military, seen as much more manly and b.) going into the sciences instead of the arts. 

Like stupid people I am not related to, the stupid ones I am related to on some level seem rather perturbed by the notion a person might possibly like both things and have this rather moronic, peon sort of a (peonic, is that even a real word?) notion there has to be some sort of artificial dichotomy placed between them. For months now the only real outside contact I've had has been for the most part once a week with my toxic father who rubs it in my face how awesome everything for him is and how he thinks there are beautiful women everywhere, to the point where he paraded around to my relatives (+ their friends/the few of their neighbors that came over) how fucking loser he thinks I am that girls simply just don't like me, on that fateful Thanksgiving over at my Uncle's house.
Okay asshole, you really aren't supposed to do that to your own son for fuck's sake. A more polite way to go about it instead of gossiping so gleefully over drinks with them would have been to say that I simply haven't found "the right one" or kind yet.
Also, did you have to exaggerate and twist things around to tell my least favorite aunt and cousin that I was failing one course I am taking into fodder for them to morph into how I am supposedly "failing all my classes"? :rage:

So to reiterate: The reason I do not "have a girlfriend" is because there ARE NOT any women interested in me* (0? No, zero would be perhaps much more reasonable, make that into a negative five percent and now we're into the right ballpark!).
The reason I study the sciences and do art as a hobby is because I have a certain amount of aptitude in the first and am through my own assessment not skilled enough in the second to make a reasonable living of it.

*Also, the futility involved in trying to attract people who simply are not willing to give you the time of day seems like such a stupid waste and depressing an exercise. :cough:  If they were at least partially interested then there would be something to work with but recognizing the lack of interest, one must save one's efforts and energies to devote toward more important endeavors.
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Let's just say that dating websites and my relatives seem really exceptionally good at pissing me the eff off.
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What I look for in dating: I would like to take you, a girl, to this, a movie or share a meal at a restaurant,... will pay for the meal if pressured (or on the first date to make a nice impression) but if you want to pay for your half the first few times or agree to at some point forward, that is awesome and wins super extra points.
We could hang out and get to know one another a bit better.

The idea of someone else paying for the guy is pretty alien but in a progressive and modern society, the woman being able to pay her own way outside of situations where she is being treated seems fair enough, does it not?

What I am confronted with: Oh nonono, that isn't going to work. My parents only want me to be with a rich man (because they evidently have zero confidence in my ability to make any sort of decisions for myself or to survive in the adult world merely on my own skills).  Studying science and medicine :roll: is not respectable enough.  You are simultaneously too intense and too boring (how does that even? :O_o:). 


Go be with one of your own kind, you freak! :shakefist:
(<- Um, hurtful! :roll:)*

(*ticking time bomb*) : Her: You know, you are a really nice guy and everything...
Me: Hey wait a minute, I!
Her: (just wait for it)... :blahblah: ...but (here it comes, no use trying to figure out which wire to cut now, the countdown has already ended) we should be just friends...
Me: You? That? Oh.
Her: and do have a nice life.**
Me: Well, thank you for not insulting me with some contrite tripe about how: You'll find someone, some day.
Her (reflexively and insistently): You will.
Me: Goddamnit.
Her: Okay, what are you so grouchy about?
Me: (Not like it's really your problem or anything, but literally) Everyone says that (to me. All the time :headache:).
Her: You're weird. Leave me alone.
Me: Goodbye. *Under my breath*and good riddance!
Her: What was that?
Me: *Leaving and silence*

Footnotes: *It has for the most part been my experience that I myself seem to lack what is considered a kind or a type.  With which I fit in.  You ARE making it evident you consider yourself to be incompatible and I do respect that but why so freaking hostile? We could be civilized adults about it and like two adults cease or cessate with a minimum of crude hyperdramatics, in theory.

**Have a nice life is often said in an ironic and sarcastic way which means go to hell and is appropriate for when you hate someone.

To me there would be little if anything wrong with being honest and up front by saying things such as: We should just see other people. 
You see, simply put the layer of false nicety is rather insulting to be frank.  Sugarcoating then getting mad if a person won't likewise sip from the same koolaid isn't going to win any character points, but since when was this about integrity? You can always just throw someone away to move on to the next victi-... er, I mean person. :grump:
Had a strange dream about sexual shapeshifters, home shopping, borrowing my cousin's videogame consoles, antiquated media formats, and my father helping me pick a strange scale out of my eyes that was causing visual distortion to make everything look kind of like it was a badly drawn cartoon. :wtf:
At first glance it seems like WoW given a steampunk treatment.  The plotline seems a touch bit derivative of Mass Effect 3. You've got this tower crashing down from the Heavens unleashing horrific invadey creepy creatures that are rather hellish (necromantic demonic cyborg type things instead of the reapers).  Rare amongst suspiciously foreign-feeling MMO's though... it contains relatively few glaring grammatical errors. :wow:

Okay, the levels actually seem fairly well thought out.
It's also quite challenging.

There are annoying spinny things coaxing you to buy premiums but they are on the upper portion of the screen so if you scroll down a bit you don't have to see them.  Also, it has bunches of minigames, which is not a bad thing.
It requires the Unity3D Player Plugin I think for video acceleration?
I've been playing it for a few days now and am at level 26.  I picked an Orc male and for class I chose their varient of the warrior, called for some reason a "warder". He wields two big axes.  There isn't much blood but there is spurting oil and squishing monster guts. :hmm:
There are 3 attack modes they call "stances": one involves a sword or axe and a shield, one involves two swords, two axes or a sword and an axe, and one uses a large two handed sword or two handed axe.

There is an impressive level of intricacy to the backgrounds and world even though the graphics of the sprite/characters themselves aren't exactly the greatest.
You can also hire a "mercenary" NPC helper character to assist you in fighting during PVP and with enemies in dungeons. I kind of am partial to this berserk coal powered construction/industrial type robot that is tri-legged and tri-armed (one drill, one claw and one hammer) called the Clanker, although the Inventor is rather fun too. She is a chick in a halter and goggles with this strange sort of turboprop backpack who uses a one handed chainsaw sword and swoops on enemies that are in her range.

The negative: The menus get in the way of click navigation of areas sometimes (and you have to click on a little arrow button to fold them away which detracts from exploring a little bit) and when you do get a game over the little side pop up coaxing you to buy premiums can be rather condescending.

There is some capped grinding too, which can be a bit botherish to tedious if one is impatient, depending on your tolerance level for that in gaming.  The controls don't seem especially too difficult to learn, which is good.
One of the cosmetic/aesthetic avatar character personal appearance modifier screens seems a touch unwieldly or possibly bugged but on the whole it seems to be a rather diverting/entertaining game (in spite of dungeons containing chests that require you to purchase keys to open them in order to get your hard fought loot... a feature I pretty much hate whenever it rears its hamfisted moneygrubbing maw at me in a game! :rage:).
There are other character slots for if you want to try one of the other fantasy races and different classes which provides some degree of replay value since that increases the variety a good deal, it also helps that your "grandfather" npc relative character seems to have a randomly generated (or at least different) name so it feels a bit less verbatim carbon copy the second time around.  A small detail but still a good touch.  Another factor that theoretically increases replay value is that you have different "moveset paths" to choose that you unlock and raise for which skills your character has in battle. They come in sets of 3 and you get to choose one each time.  so that is 8 moves x 3^8= roughly a rather large amount of combinations? <- I think. Don't quote me on that. My math is feeling a little off since I haven't had my first cup of coffee yet.
:raincloud: I feel like I am sort of like just this asshole guy who nobody is ever going to like and that there's nothing I can really do to change anything about it. :depressed:
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Stop being so :censored: -ing sex negative! Oh for cripes sake!

Whether it's stupid crap like slut shaming to shut up women whose viewpoints you disagree with or dislike,

or bollocks attempting to victim blame with cases of rape because of the woman's "promiscuity",

Even doggedly and dogmatically raving that people deserve to catch venereal diseases because you don't like that some consenting adults choose to engage in casual sex, (the really extreme ones claim that this is going to be directly responsible for a hastening of the Biblical Apocalypse End of Days :lol:),

There is really no way to express any of those views without sounding like a complete and total asshole to an intelligent audience, methinks.

Oh :unimpressed: go bang some rocks together and work on (re)discovering fire, caveman.

I feel like this old-fashioned insistence there has to be something morally wrong with adults who choose to explore their bodies and take a stab at forming romantic relationships is counterproductive to the progression of humanity as a whole at best and downright damaging to advancement when at its worst.

Also, guess what else has been discovered?: :trollface:
The purpose that homosexuality serves in nature in its examples found in the animal world is as a force for social cohesion. In groups. :trollface::trollface: Go stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
<- so not directly contributing passing on of genes but in maintaining relationships and the quality of social group wellbeing.  Sort of similar to the evolutionary role of kinship/altruistic behavior factors. :O_o:  Put more dryly, they don't contribute to individual passing of traits to offspring but fulfill an important niche in promoting survival of everyone in a group.
A.) I'm not in a financially secure enough position to provide them with what I feel to be an adequate quality of life with good potential for opportunities, yet.

B.) I've got ADHD and Aspergers (not self-diagnosed but pro-diagnosed back when I was still a *ugh, how I loathe this phrase* tween), and depending on what pre-existing health and/or mental conditions the would be mother would also be bringing to the table/equation, that isn't something to take lightly when considering what life for your hypothetical as of yet would-be unborn children would be like, or fair stuff for them to have to deal with. Hey, they didn't ask to be born with special needs you arsehole!

C.) Having to be responsible for the well being of someone else is a big responsibility and I don't feel like while I am still working on establishing my own I'd be able to have the clarity of judgment to be a good parent necessarily.
I pretty much gave up on both online and offline dating since the results have for the most part pretty consistently turned out dismally.  Also took some time out for introspection about cosmic nihilism and how insignificant we as a species and our little planet in our little solar system in its little galaxy is (as a perspective check).

Took up some gaming.

Am failing the course I am taking, not from the material being too hard but from loneliness kinda fucking with me while I try to hole up and study.

I haven't been producing as much stuff but have been conceptually tinkering with ideas of what to make next inside my head :shrug: if that counts.

Thought a little bit about constructs of race and gender too the other day. :hmm:

I'm not really looking forward to Thanksgiving with my relatives... since the majority of them are grandstanding jerks who expect me to make a big deal over every teeny tiny not that big a deal thing they achieve all the meanwhile them shitting on my own life choices like they are in any sort of a position to give unsolicited advice on that.
:blahblah: :bulletred:Yes, yes, I know, you think I'm a wimp for having pre-existing health conditions that preclude me from enlistment in the armed services.
:bulletred: You think I'm a loser for not having a car.
:bulletred: For not having a girlfriend.
:bulletred: For still being in college.
:bulletred: And insist I've got to be stupid or something for taking a very long time to get my degree (even though medical degrees generally take longer because they are more "involved" compared to "easier" paths).

:bulletblue: Well, maybe I think you're a loser for dropping out or having a hard time holding any sort of a steady job for the past several decades (or for penning self-help books to capitalize on the latest mental health or food craze fad thing people seem to be worried about through use of false credentials) but because I'm the only sober one at these lame gatherings I still have enough rational restraint in my judgment to avoid saying said loaded things designed to make conflict. Huh? You think?! :sarcasticclap: GEEZ. :facepalm:

<- That is rhetorically directed at my relatives and not at any of you.
It's going to be painful. And slow. Awkward. And unbearable... causing each second to feel like hours and will suck up most of the day.

:rage::megaphone: You don't get to choose who you are related to by blood really. Except in who you marry. But that is a whole 'nother can of worms and you've got to make sure to do that one right too, or you risk screwing up a whole future generation by inflicting the wounds of the past and your flaws onto them. <- that's pretty cheerful, huh? :skullbones:

Thanksgiving is about the food.
And :slamhead: being stuck unplugged and without electronics in a room full of conniving jackals who get shitfaced and viciously snipe at one another because that's generally all they can think of to do for entertainment, for hours on end.

People who don't have jerk relatives have a hard time comprehending this attitude. I've been called "mean" or "not good" for having said opinion and expressing it before.  To which I say: Get real.
Not everybody is going to be holiday sitcom towards their family members.
I respect the ones who work hard or don't totally mooch off others because of possessing deep seated extremely bloated entitlement issues. At least, those are the relatives whom I'll tolerate.

Much as I'll gripe about my mom and have issues with my dad, I do have an at least begrudging respect toward them because I can see how they work hard and am getting a feel for the interesting/nifty bits of their personalities as I get older.
Example: My dad's a (selfish) jerk but he first got me into Spider-man, science fiction, and animal tracking so he's a jerk with style.
My mom taught me word processing and human/animal anatomy + medical stuff. They both helped get me into computers. Her mom is an ubercritical bitch who overwhelmingly does petty things to rub in her face giving preferential treatment to her siblings who do kiss her (my grandma's) butt, which probably is part of what drives my mom toward drinking (in addition to my dad being a frigid jerk. Did I mention jerk? Jerk jerk jerk! ^^;), but that means she is a woman with enough moral integrity to eschew that sort of corrupt nepotism,- which makes her cool.

Oh yeah, Thanksgiving is supposed to be about what we are thankful for too.
I am thankful for... sweet potatoes.  [In Homer Simpson "Donuts..." voice]: Mmm, beta carotene + starchy carbs.
And that my two best friends both want to do some stuff with me over this little vacation break while I'm back in my hometown.

Come on people, give me some comments. Rereading what I already wrote is boring; I already know what I wrote... because I wrote it. [I] Want/would like some interaction to sort and deal with. :laughing:
Depression got more severe. 
The social isolation is getting to me.
Not sure if I'll ever get to be a scientist since the isolation is bothersome and well, I'm better at problem solving and discovering things than just following orders... so, even though those two things are useful in the Real World... they don't exactly translate over well socially or academically. :slamhead:

Aspergers got rolled into part of the Autistic Spectrum, which kind of makes sense because they are RELATED but I think there are enough subtle differences in the way the things manifest that it still justifies considering them as NOT QUITE the same thing.
So technically I guess you could say there is more in common with AS and the HFA version of Autism than other PDD's on the spectrum? 
But then again, ADHD and ADD have certain superficial carry over and they can all run comorbid with each other... which to me suggests there may be a genetic link between these conditions.  Not that they can turn into each other mind you, but that whatever complex mechanics are involved which are multiple allelic in nature probably involve similar expression sites amongst which genes they do share.  Scientists haven't totally mapped out the exact genes though and we're likely years and years away from knowing exactly 100% about which expression sites are effected in said disorders.

The Mirror neuron is an oddity too.  For years people have thought its functioning plays some role in development of social skills but more recent studies have contradicted the general notion people erroneously assumed before that it bore a direct relationship.  Now data is suggesting that if it does play a role, that this must be something of a more indirect one.

Unfortunately, your average Joe tends to only understand disorders in terms of whatever broad media stereotypes are floating around.  These tend to run the gamut of 3 largely encompassing archetypes: drooling idiot, freakishly talented prodigy and criminally insane violent tinderbox.

I like evolution. It is a very handy model to explain the way things develop and can be strongly correlated with an overwhelmingly large body of data that can be observed and measured in REAL TIME.
Ironically, one thing the creationists did get right is man did not evolve from an ape.  Not for the reasons they would like though.
You see, Homo sapiens and modern apes shared a common ancestor!  That is why you still see both running around.  The point at which they diverge is not nearly so superlinear though and this is something else people don't understand.  Real evolution is seldom a straight line of point A to point B in a hyperlinear fashion. It is a logarithmic and exponential, highly branching messy nest of a thing that CHANGES OVER TIME.  This is the why to how come a single genus can have multiple extant species in it.  You can organize these into clades for ease of reference while arranging said "trees of life" but it isn't a 1x1... it's entire populations with bits of them breaking off and diverging to become other populations... which means the very first form of life was likely a bacterial cell.
Now, who or whatever set up the recipe for said primordial soup is something we can't well figure out, so if you want to invoke a supernatural entity to feel better about it if you are a religious person, here would be the place in the theory where people would laugh at you the least.

There is a liberty taken in that each node within a clade represents the entire population of a particular species.
You can use algorithms to sort these out so that they are arranged by degrees of similarity in key genomic sequences they may share portions of but that is far more technical and involved than your average street person would be willing to sit through. :nuu:

Now I am no longer completely alone. I got a house plant: Achievement unlocked.
You still run into this alot. And it's still as annoying now as it was then.
There are these people, usually freshly minted otakus who are new to the experience of anime and manga who spout crud about how it is so very vastly superior to Western animation and comic books.  I know because when I was in middle and high school was when I first got bit by the anime bug.  For frack's sake, my first email address is named after a model make of mobile suit... if that isn't obvious evidence then I don't know what else would be. 

And here's the thing... chances are, these people shitting on their own culture's western animation and comic books so much are woefully ignorant about the underground and cult classic western material.  They have the silly idea that all comics are about the archetypal stereotypical superhero or all cartoons still fall within what is referred to as "the animation ghetto" which is a notion that you have to sanitize and sterilize it all to be palatable for little children because some people in a stupid way have assumed all cartoons should be just for little kids (and therefore, necessarily need to be cheerful, or worse yet, for want of a better word :headache: "stupid").  So their reaction when you expose them to an adult cartoon or a comic about something serious/deep/dark is their head explodes a little bit, their eye twitches and they have a miniature bit of trauma.  After getting over that initial shock though, you realize that hey, it's possible to like both.
I'd suggest 50 cc s of some Ralph Bakshi followed by two Sentai Pills, kthnxbai.
:icondoctorplz: videogames.

Two games I thought were really cool but in a warped and twisted way that had great gameplay were these sort of conqueror sims that was not exactly its own full blown genre during the 90s and early 2000s.  These were Tropico, a computer game where you played a dictator in this fictional tiny Latin island set during the Cold War (there were separate goals of increasing tourism and trying to get at least one of the two Superpower nations to like/acknowledge you, one of the easiest ways of doing the latter being to do something to piss off the other one) and Destroy All Humans (DAH!) in which you played as a hostile space invader seeking to subjugate the human race* but during the heyday of the utmost height of UFO/Flying Saucer public hysteria (basically that particular slice of 1950s-esque Americana)... and you have to get as many people as you can, like an evil plague... because @#$%^&*! you, your ship solely runs on something you can only get through harvesting human brainstems. And also abducting cows. Although that might have been just for a particular achievement I think. Memory is a little fuzzy on that one.  It was challenging because as you got more points towns and cities got more afraid of you then the levels would get harder... you'd have the airforce and national guard come after your saucer (sh*t! @#$%^&*!). But that was okay because you could take some of the humans that you chose not to harvest the brains of (if you chose not to kill all of them) and make them into these kind of brainwashed helpers that would calm people down so you could get more of your precious fuel out of the other ones without being super impeded?

*Also, like, you've crashlanded in the freaking middle of nowhere in the sol system (again, f*ck you), so you're going to have to repair your ship in order to eventually get off Earth (just your luck as a hapless would-be conqueror, one supposes).   The whole game's plot was engineered so you have to be the bad guy ([In best Zim voice]: STUPID HUghMANS!).